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Far Far Away programme

April 16 - July 16 2024

‘Homecoming’ is a free 12 week after school program for 8-13 year olds. Using different artforms we will investigate together the meaning of “Third Place”. ‘Third Place’ is a term coined by sociologist Ray Oldenburg in 1982 and refers to spaces where people spend time between the 'first place' of home and the 'second place' of work or school.

This upcoming block will have arts and craft, movement and dance, devising and poetry, voted most popular by previous participants of Far Far Away programme. The last session will be a 'Showing' day where we invite friends and family of the participants to come and witness what the children have been working on.

Free sessions will happen 4.45 PM to 6.15 PM every Tuesday from April 16 at Ladbroke Grove, culminating in a showcase at SPID Theatre, Kensal House W10 5BQ on July 16, 2024.


Sign up through the button below, or alternatively, if you have any question,
please get in touch with us through: or 07903861674

Young people from Far Far Away
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