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SPID’s refurbishment of Kensal House Theatre has finally begun! To celebrate this unprecedented council estate community investment, we invite you to get involved in our upcoming program of free activities.


Estate Voices: Collective Change - advocacy

This free program for 16* year olds gives a voice to those fighting for housing justice. It offers residents London wide the chance to learn advocacy skills and connect with others pushing for positive social change. This Summer SPID’s Join Justice #Feelbetter,’  workshops focus on the interconnection between climate, race, social and youth injustice. They will build a fairer, saner world and improve mental health. Sessions run 3-5pm Wednesdays and Saturdays in North Kensington social housing. The first session is Aug 17. To get involved, sign up here

Community Hub: Feel the love –  fitness

This free program of physical fitness activities for adults brings different people together. It happens in North Kensington social housing. Yoga takes place 1-2pm Thursdays, with Qi Gong and Gong Fu happening 7-9pm Tuesdays. The first session is September 6 in Portobello Court Community Centre. To get involved, sign up here

Far Far Away: Youth Truth – drama and art

This free program for 8-13 year olds nurtures creative expression. Its focus is local young people from North Kensington. It gives them the chance to learn about history, community and art. The first session is September 13, happening close to Kensal House estate. Sessions run 4.45pm – 6.15pm Tuesdays. To get involved, sign up here

Estate Endz: Living History – heritage and drama

This free program for 8-13 year olds celebrates the history of social housing by dramatising residents memories. It gives young people London wide the chance to develop heritage and arts skills in order to create showcase films, performances and exhibitions. This September we’ll be creating an interactive exhibition, inspired by the theme of solidarity. The project will use technology, visits and live research to twin the landmark estate of Sutton Hill with the historic Alexandra Road Estate in Camden. Sessions run 12-5pm Saturdays. The first session is Sept 17. To get involved, sign up here  

Step Up: Spread the word – professional work

The Story of Fires and Floods is SPID’s latest professional performance. The 17 minute interactive speech features local people affected by Grenfell. Voices were recorded at nearby Kids on The Green. This inspiring film of rehearsals captures the show’s spirit of solidarity. It has toured estates, museums and schools. To book your free performance, contact helena@spidtheatre.com


The Story of fires and floods

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