Call for Help

We regret to inform you that the £2.6million refurbishment of Kensal House estate’s historic Community Rooms has ground to a standstill, halting the vital access and safety works that are 73% complete and were due to complete in February. As repeatedly warned, the landlord we share with Grenfell has forced us over budget with unprecedented negligence and delays.

SPID’s contractors have now sadly ceased operations as cost increases soar. Tenants’ continuing class action spotlights chronic leaks, floods, mould and hazards and our petition for humane compensation has almost 3000 signatures.

When asked on ITV news if the council were acting quickly enough, they promised to ‘do everything we can, we take this really seriously’.  But RBKC have taken 4 months to respond to SPID's £701065 compensation claim with an offer of just £25000. We have requested swift confirmation of the date when our lawyer is available to meet theirs Aug 4-10. We appreciate your joining us in urging RBKC to pay for their breaches of duty in time to save the refurbishment.

Sophia Ollivierre, SPID Co Chair displaced by Grenfell
Salim Chowdhury, SPID trustee and Kensal House Residents Association Vice Chair
Sylvia Akajioyi, SPID trustee displaced by Kensal floods

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