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News coverage of 'Class Act' by ITV Recording Kensal House

Big Issue covers SPID's 'Class Act' 

SPID won an Inspire Future Generations Award Commendation for Estate Endz

SPID’s £2.6 refurbishment launches in the Stage and Standard

‘SPID is bringing hope after Grenfell,’ Time Out

SPID has been a saving grace for people affected by the fire’ Reader’s Digest

‘The theatre group rebuilding community after Grenfell,’ Time Out

Four stars for The Burning Tower from The Guardian

Coverage for The Burning Tower from: the BBC , Time Out, Theatre Weekly, and The Stage

The Burning Tower – A Guardian “Don’t Miss”

Four stars for iAM at the Bush Theatre

‘SPID takes on RBKC for housing justice’ Urban Dandy

Trellick Tales on the BBC

The Burning Tower community read through on BBC TV

Trellick Tales BBC Feature

Our award winning young people on ITV

Streets in the Sky on ITV

Four stars for The Dream from Everything Theatre and A Younger Theatre

The Burning Tower featured on RT

SPID’s £2.6 refurbishment launches in the Stage and Standard

Grenfell Matters on London Live

First Light ITV Prize

Living History on BBC Radio

SPID’s youth play about Grenfell on BBC TV and BBC Radio

SPID and Grenfell on BBC Radio

‘After Grenfell, SPID has done wonders for my son and I,’ Metro

‘Demonstrates vibrantly how art can be an effective vehicle for change, ‘
Everything Theatre

"The moral of Class Act is clear – we can win this!" 4.5 stars from Big Issue

"A love letter to social reform," ★★★★ The Stage

"Invigorating, immersive, moving and empowering," ★★★★ Everything Theatre

"The Burning Tower’s next stop should be the Commons," says Morning Star

"The moral is clear – we can win this! Four and a half stars!" The Big Issue Review

"We're fighting to restore Kensal and to give residents a decent home," ITV news 

"The rotting building is a metaphor for systemic neglect," The Big Issue News

"A love letter to estates," ★★★★The Guardian

"A passionate defence of social housing," ★★★★ The Stage Review

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