Estate Voices


This free cross generational programme for people of all ages aims to amplify the voices of individuals living on estates. We offer residents of social housing across London the chance to learn advocacy skills and connect with others also pushing for positive social change. In the past we’ve run workshops on combatting climate change, understanding the law and discrimination, open dialogue strategies for mental health in the community, drama to perform (expressing personal experiences through theatre), “Bars for Scars” protest poetry, smartphone filmmaking and community entrepreneurship. As with all of SPID Theatre’s core programmes, the project is fully funded and free to attend.

Estate Voices: Summer Season 2022

SPID Theatre's Summer 2022 Estate Voices program, Join Justice #Feelbetter, turns the spotlight on the interconnection between climate, race, social and youth injustice. To heal our collective consciousness after lockdown, it calls for urgent change regarding the trade of goods and people. This series of free workshops from 3-5pm on Wed Aug 17th, Sat 20th, Wed 24th, Sat 27th and Wed 31st aims to build a fairer, saner world and improve mental health. To get involved, sign up below and stand in solidarity by calling for the following global legislation.

Stop the Hate – Social Justice
The managed decline of our mental health and monetising of hatred is fueling despair and challenging progress.  Criminalise the expression of hate and ban dummy accounts – hate speech is not free speech.

Home Grow – Climate Justice
It should not be legal to needlessly destroy the planet. Make it illegal to import products we don’t need or could make ourselves.

Tax the Multinationals – Youth Justice
Impoverishing tomorrow’s children by not taxing the wealthy is inhumane. Legislate to ensure all companies pay tax wherever they are and use it to fund basic human rights: education, healthcare and shelter.     

Global Minimum Wage – Racial Justice
It is modern slavery to import goods made in developing countries where people of colour are paid a pittance. The global algorithm utilised to distribute Covid vaccines must now be implemented for genuine fair trade.

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