Workshop 6/12

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Posts from our workshop assistants, Ben & Andrea


The Far Far Away group were in a state of high energy and excitement on Tuesday, as they began their warm-up before “The Down Below” radio play performance in front of family and friends.  

Max and Nnenna set up all of the sound recording and P.A. equipment while Ben and Andrea led some exercises to focus the young people’s energy and physical awareness. 

During the two run-throughs on stage with all of the technical equipment, the foley artists and actors refined the work and skills they had been building upon.  They nuanced even further their listening skills so that they were working as one ensemble and, after final notes from Max, they were ready for the performance.

Once the audience were settled, Olivia welcomed everyone to the event and explained the order of events, before introducing “The Down Below”, describing how the young people had devised, written, rehearsed the piece and trained in radio drama techniques over the course of the term.

One word can describe the performance – outstanding.  The actors, now comfortable and skilled at working with the mic, produced believable and amusing characters, taking every opportunity to highlight comedic, dramatic and sensitive moments.  Likewise, the foley team were committed, focused and worked very closely with the text, never missing a cue.  The audience seemed to enjoy the imaginative depths of the play, the relationships conveyed, the atmosphere created and the technical skills on display.  The performance exuded the young people’s commitment and passion in every beat.     

After the appreciative response, including whoops of encouragement, from the audience, Sarah Aliberti was presented with the Jack Petchey award for her achievements during the term of workshops.  She will be able to choose a leisure activity for the whole group to participate in next year.

Next was a showing of the documentary, “Remembering Goldfinger”, a documentary written, directed and produced by the older SPID group.  The film features Trellick Tower, a brutalist tower block in Kensal Town designed by architect Erno Goldfinger.  Beautifully sensitive and evocative cinematography captured the grandeur of the tower’s exterior and the tenants themselves were the main focus  of the narrative, giving testament to their attachment to the building.  Slow motion portraits of the people who live there, who skateboard or create colourful graffiti landscapes in the Tower’s shadow were moving and inspiring.  Overall, it was a piercing insight into the acute significance our habitats and environments have on our lives and how these can be the connective tissue that bind a community and give it strength and endurance.

Following the Annual General Meeting, a nourishing hot meal was provided and this was widely appreciated and complimented by all of us.  Our thanks to the wonderful catering team and the woman who organised it, Marie!

Finally, our thanks to the SPID team – Nnenna, Helena, Olivia and Katrine, Max, Jack, Rob, Karim, Tehlal, Ben and Andrea for creating a memorable term and special thanks to all of the young people at SPID for their enthusiasm and dedication throughout.


Last night’s performance of the eagerly awaited “Far, Far Away” was a great success.Earlier in the evening the rehearsals were led by Andrea and Ben who led the group through a physical and vocal warm up, then it was straight into a read through. Each and every  young performer in the production was fantastic and should be really proud of themselves. A special call out to Sarah, who is one of the performer’s fromthe production who won the Jack Petchy award. Well done to the team at Spid who worked behind the scenes of the production.

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