Far Far Away

Workshop 15/11

At Tuesday night’s session at Spid Theatre the workshop was led by Jack, assisted by Andrea and Ben. The budding actors were divided into two groups. One group were the actors and the other group was  foley team (sound effects to you and me). With Jack leading the foley group, an array of brilliant sound effects ... More

Workshop 8/11

On Tuesday afternoon, Max got the Far Far Away workshop off to a fun start with the ball and name game :  you throw a ball to someone in the group, but you have to say their name first - it's a good way for people to get to know each other.  Then Max explained to us all how, when we make a radio play, we create the sound ... More

Workshop 2/11

The young actors this Tuesday were introduced to how to record a radio play. The start of the session involved a couple of ice -breakers and warm ups that involved “The sun shines on me”. Which gave our young actors inspiration and energy for the rest of the workshop. Beforehand, Max, our facilitator who led the ... More

Workshop 18/10

Voice actor and radio producer Jack led this week’s workshop. Jack and Abi devised a word game, which involved saying a sentence with various emotions.  The exercise involved every one sitting round the table and being split into two groups.  One group was A and the other group was B. Each person from each group had to ... More

Workshop 11/10

This week saw the second part of our fascinating workshops with voice actor and radio producer Jack. In last week’s session, Jack took us through lots of top tips on how to use a mic and showed us examples of different genres of radio programs and a video of a working recording studio to give the Far Far Away voice ... More

The Brocalypse: Kensal House 2099

This play was created during Far Far Away's Summer in The City, August 2016. The Brocalypse The young people wrote the play together with the facilitator Karim Flint and recorded and created the sound effects together with their sound engineer facilitator Max Graef. More

Current Weekly News

Our Talent Sharing 12 July 2016 This week was an exciting one as we performed our talent sharing showcase. Each participant had chosen a talent or skill at the beginning of the block, worked on it and shaped it into a piece and on Tuesday shared it with their peers, family, friends and the Kensal House and SPID ... More