Weekly News 8/3/16-12/4/16

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Showing What We Created 12th April 2016

At our last workshop we put everything we had been working on over the past 12 weeks together and it was a great success. After meeting for a workshop at the usual time, we warmed up and sang through the song and went over the movements. We then staged the song and went through the running order of the scenes, as well as rehearsing each scene individually. We opened with the singing and dancing for the parents, and then played out each scene in the order of the story, with a few repeated as there were multiple casts for each scene. We ended with the song and dance again to thunderous applause! It was incredible to see the whole group put in so much effort and excitement! We used our cat puppet that we had designed in the show, and had the other puppets and our drawings of them on display for the parents and families to see. A few participants gave some insight to the audience as to how the puppets were designed and created.

We also took our final vote for the Jack Petchy award. This award is given to one participant each block who has been nominated by their peers as being creative, attentive and inspiring the other participants with their work ethic. The group votes at the end of each session every week, and the votes are tallied to reveal the winner in the final session of the block. The winner then gets to pick an activity for the whole group to participate in, funded by the Jack Petchy Foundation. Congratulations to this block’s Jack Petchy Award winner, Aiysha! We look forward to seeing what fun activity is in store!

Our next block of workshops starts next week on Tuesday 3rd May, 2016 at 4:45pm. The theme for this block is : ‘What is Far Far Away for you?’ This we feel will be an opportunity for the young people to think about what is Far Far Away for them, as the Far Far Away project is an opportunity for the young people to discover new disciplines and experiences outside of their here and now, unleashing their potentials, and we are hoping a talent sharing will bring this out. All the young people will be encouraged to work as an individual, to work on a talent they want to share with the rest of the group and their friends and families. We will be having three residents from Kensal House (the building we’re based in) sharing their own talents, including poetry, painting and stage make up, with the young people, offering new skills and a chance to discover their talents in these fields, as well as a talent facilitator to help with performing talents and organising the showing. Come along and share your talents! We hope to see you there!

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Singing our hearts out! 5th April 2016

This week we continued with some fun drama and improvisation games to get us into the creative mood. We then continued with scene work in pairs, each group working well individually, as well as performing to peers before we all came together to share our work. After sharing our scenes, we together as a group went over the Pinocchio song we will be singing in the show and the moves they had choreographed to go with it. We went over this many times, trying different ways of singing, to be louder and then softer, and then to make sure everyone knew the moves. Hard to believe that next week is the last session of the block! It will be quite exciting to see how the scenes, song & dance, and puppets all come together for the showing. Stay tuned in a few weeks for updates on how the showing went, as we prepare for the next block of workshops!


Puppet Improv! 29th March 2016

We still continued with workshops over the Easter Holiday and spent some time working with our puppet masterpieces! The young people were in small groups exploring how to maneuver the puppets, and making adjustments for the best way to hold them and use them, attaching rods and string to make creating movement easier. The exploration was fun, with the young people trying out different voices and ways of moving. We then had the two groups working Pinocchio and the Cat, improvise as scene with the puppets. This exercise really helped the puppets come to life. It was cool to see how little things, like having the puppet hover quite close to the floor, as opposed to mid-air, could make them seem more real. We’re hoping to include these scenes with puppets, along with the acting scenes at our final showing in just a few short weeks!


Physicality: How a ‘Real Boy’ acts like a puppet! 22nd March 2016

This Tuesday, there was some real creativity going on it our workshop! We continued with reviewing our Pinocchio song and the movement for that the young people have choreographed to go along with it. We then divided into our scene pairs again and saw some great physicality work taking place. Our facilitator Claire gave the young people the note to really think about how a puppet moves and what places on the body puppets move from. Often, even though made out of wood, puppets do have movable joints. Here we see a scene between Pinocchio and Geppetto, with Amelie acting out the growing of Pinocchio’s nose each time he lies. There’s a pretty cool sound effect that goes along with it!

We also had a group working specifically with the cat puppet the young people created. Here we see one of our Pinocchio’s encounter our cat puppet on his way to school. Stay tuned as we incorporate more puppet movement into our scenes next week!

SAM_2753 SAM_2757


Scene Work  17th March 2016

It’s exciting that we are able to offer two extra workshops this block! Thursday was our first extra workshop. We divided our Geppetto and Pinocchio groups into pairs and assigned them each a scene from the story to read through, characterise and block. Each pairing did a nice job of bringing the characters to life and their own creativity to the scene. Here we see, Aron and Alesha working on the final scene and the group giving feedback on their work. More singing, movement and scenes to come this week!



How to Move Like a Puppet 15th March 2016

In performing the story of Pinocchio, there is one key thing to remember: Pinocchio is a puppet! This week explored puppetry movement ourselves, playing a Toy Shop game to move around the space as puppets. We had young people exploring Ballerina, Unicorn, Cowboy and even Celebrity puppets, and what positions those types of puppets would move in! We then split off into groups to exploring character movement in the song. Each group, designated either Pinocchio, Geppetto or a mixture, had to come up with a movement for each line of the song, expressing how the characters are feeling in those lines. Hope to see you at our final showing to see how it all comes together.



New Skills Galore! 8th March 2016

We’ve been designing, painting, singing and dancing! This block has been all about the story of Pinocchio, the boy made of wood by the carpenter Geppetto. We’re finding out what happens to Pinocchio when he disobeys his father’s wishes and lies about it along the way.

This block’s participants have been learning about puppetry, everything from the design and creation of the puppets, to learning how to move and manipulate them. In addition to using the puppets and acting out some scenes, we’ve been learning a song about Pinocchio and a movement piece to go along with it. This week was all about working on the song, breaking each part down, learning the notes, the meanings behind the words, and putting it all together! Our facilitator Claire came with a small piano at the ready to help the young people learn their singing parts. Stay tuned for more updates each week on what fun is going on in our workshops!


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