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Hear our youth radio play, inspired by the Save Silchester campaign: https://tinyurl.com/bugsysradio
SPID and Grenfell on BBC Radio
The Pig and Whistle Radio Play
Living History on BBC Radio
Kensington Stories on BBC Radio
Catch SPID’s youth play about Grenfell on BBC TV and BBC Radio
Spidaweb – Kensington Stories’ radio show and play about Grenfell
Summer in the City Radio Play: Indigo Avonmore and the Kensington Bigfoot
The Pig and Whistle
Kensington Stories



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My Hive

GET INVOLVED | PROGRAMME Far Far Away My Hive: ‘The story of civilizations and its people’ August 21 – August 25 2023 (A Youth Truth SPID project in partnership with Saatchi’s Civilizations Exhibition) This free drama program for 8-13 year olds will explore the history of home across different civilisations, taking inspiration from SPID’s own […]
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Far Far Away: Spring 2023

Get Involved / Far Far Away Youth Truth – Drama and Art Far Far Away: Spring Season 2023 We are excited to announce that now you can register your child to take part in the next season of SPID Theatre’s after school programme (age 8-13) Far Far Away arts and theatre workshops! Sign up HERE! […]
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Estate Endz Spring 2023

Get Involved / Estate Endz Living History – Heritage and Performance Estate Endz: Spring Season 2023 ‘Our Views From Kensal’ Make a film that the BFI will screen! Estate Endz is a free, award winning program for 13-25 year old that has been featured on BBC, ITV and in the national press. This installment of […]
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