Family Stories Showcase & Awards

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18th July 2017

Last week on Tuesday, we had our final FFA workshop and showing before we break for summer. We can’t say enough how proud we are of the young people this block. They have done extraordinary work, despite dealing with the local tragedy at Grenfell. We could not be more pleased and thrilled by how much they’ve grown and how much creativity they continue to explore.

We started the session with a physical warm-up and a focus game; a new favorite for everyone called “Silly Sausages”. One participant stands in the middle of the room, and all other participants take turns asking questions to the chosen participant. The questions can be a ridiculous as anyone would like; the catch is the chosen participant can only answer any of these questions by saying the word “sausages” with a lisp. The goal is to try not to laugh, as it is the goal of the rest of the group to make that person laugh. We had a lot of fun with this game. We definitely have some clever and inquisitive participants, while a few that can keep it stoically together pretty well! We continued to rehearse separately, until we put the whole show together in the running order, running through it as we will at show time. We had just enough time for this and our final JP vote before our audience started to arrive.

We had a pretty full house, with family, friends and SPID staff; about 30-40 people. The young people began the show the poem group, followed by animal explorations, storytelling sessions about our families, and finally the rap/singing group. Everyone participated and everyone contributed something to the show! And we had great fun while doing it!


At the end, it was time to announce our next Jack Petchey winner. Nile was voted as our new Jack Petchey winner and will be planning the next event for the young people of Far Far Away. Also a special Jack Petchey Outstanding Leader Award was presented to Olivia, our Marketing & Outreach Officer, in honour of her hard work and dedication to SPID, as well as her passion to help young people succeed in the arts. It was a brilliant evening, that capped off with some light snacks and a small reception afterwards. Congratulations again to Nile and Olivia!




That wraps up our FFA work for the summer. We have a few things going on this summer for our 13-25 year olds, but we’ll be back ready for another exciting year with Far Far Away on Tuesday 12th September! We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the autumn. 🙂

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