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Show Of Solidarity


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We are the young people who took part in SPID Theatre’s 12 week Estate Endz programme Autumn 2022. The outcome of the 12 week immersive experience was this exhibition called SHOW OF SOLIDARITY. It was an audio-visual exhibition incorporating Alexander Road Estate's residents, oral history, our poetry and creative expressions in many forms. It ended with a 10 min live performances that we created. The exhibition took place twice and was free to attend. November 26, 2022 at Tenants Hall at Alexandra Road Estate and November 27, 2022 at the Learning Centre at the V&A Museum.


We are very excited to share some of our work here! Welcome to 'Show of Solidarity' virtual exhibition!


Best wishes

Ashley, Mahari, Aini, Joshua, Maria, Nadia, Alaa, Mutafa, Keimarni

'Show of Solidarity' the Film

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Estate Endz Show of Solidarity programme
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