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SPID Theatre Company

  • Youth Theatre Education Youth Theatre Education SPID runs a variety of free workshops in diverse theatre skills for young people aged 8 - 21.
  • Shadow Puppetry Workshops Shadow Puppetry Workshops SPID is currently offering free weekly workshops in shadow puppetry and performance for young people aged 8 - 13.
  • Kensal Voices Kensal Voices Join SPID on a journey through time and discover the hidden past of historic council estate Kensal House.
  • Free Weekly Theatre Workshops Free Weekly Theatre Workshops We run FREE weekly training workshops in all aspects of theatre, for young people aged 8-13 on Tuesdays from 4.30pm – 6pm, and aged 13-19 on Thursdays from 6.30pm – 8.30pm.
  • Productions: Childsplay Productions: Childsplay Childsplay – An Interactive Journey Through Outdoor Games Across the Ages. Photograph by Colin O'Brien
  • Youth Theatre: The Passersby Youth Theatre: The Passersby The Passersby – An immersive play by Nnenna Samson
  • Youth Theatre: Kensal Youth Youth Theatre: Kensal Youth SPID's first ever youth show - involving restoration of the Grade II* listed community rooms
  • Youth Theatre: Superhuman Youth Theatre: Superhuman Superhuman is a 360˚ production that picks the audience up and whirls them around – literally! Part play, part fairground ride through time and space, audiences had never seen anything like it.



Kensal Voices, our year-long youth heritage project for 13-25 year olds concluded with a site-specific show at Kensal House on Saturday, 22 February 2014, performed by participants. Both sold-out performances and the Q&A with a panel of experts in architecture and performance were a huge success.

Stories in Residence: Tales of the sunshine flats tells the story of the hopes and dreams intended for Maxwell Fry’s “urban village” and brings to life its forgotten stories. In this promenade show the audience is fully immersed in pop-up scenes re-imagining past events all over the estate, going on a time-traveling journey from 1937 to the present day.

“Very unusual and innovative way of introducing a historical building to people … Made it really vivid how people live here through the decades.”

“I loved the interactive nature of the production.”

“Great use of music, direction, mix of today/past/present/theatre/performance and life.”

Follow our Kensal Voices Blog with articles written by participants.

Check out photos from the show here, and stay tuned for video footage.



“Oh my god, it’s an iAm!”

Our most recent production iAm, received a four-star review. Read it here. It very successfully toured schools for free in December as well as Kensal House Estate, Chelsea Theatre, and Dalgarno Community Centre.